The African American Women's Leadership Congress (AAWLC) is an organization which truly promotes the dignity of women and girls around the globe.  We are not of any one race, ethnic group or tribe.  We are not located on one continent.  We are international in scope and in mission.  We are leaders and mentors of future leaders and advocates for children, family, and peace.   Above all, we are committed to progress and success.



If you're living below your standard, get busy devising a concise, creative plan to lift yourself out of that condition and find joy in the steady toil it takes to do it.  -Susan Taylor, editor-in-chief of Essence magazine, April, 1982 (and still true!)

The African American Women's Leadership Congress is an organization formed by women who are willing to invest the time and effort required to bring about positive and fundamental change in our community for a better and more prosperous tomorrow.

We have promised to strive for peace within ourselves, our families, our homes, and our communities.  We seek out knowledge and endure to understanding.

We treat our sisters with respect and concern.  We strive at all times to be our best.  We dedicate the hours we spend in these endeavors as a sacrifice -- an offering for the reclamation of our children, a tribute to our ancestors, and progress in our future.

Join Us!

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Dignity by Barry Ross
Part 1 of the Destiny's Light Radio InnerView with our E. Africa Congress Director, Ruth Amolo is here.  Click on the little ipod below, listen and be Inspired!

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Collaborating to Stop violence against Women


Attention ...

The Pre-Parliament for the World's Religions in Kenya is over and was a grand success!!!

To the Women of the East Africa Congress, we say:  "Congratulations!!!"

We are proud of you ladies and look forward to your report and photos coming soon!  In the  meantime, visit their
"Programs & Activities" page for some information and how you can help or become involved.



The Grand Opening of our own AAWLC Market Place & Store with products from local artists around the world!  We will have bios of the artists here for you to make that special attachment with your piece of art.


We are proud to announce the establishment of the Grande' Dame Alliance.

Click here for more information.


Be sure to visit
our "Role Models" page.  Discover who we honor for courage, leadership, and wisdom.